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Surge's Favourite Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Posted: December 14th 2017

It's finally December and the Surge office is feeling festive! Seeing as we're a marketing company, we wanted to find out some of the team's favourite Christmas marketing campaigns! Let's start with a recent one, that shows a more adventurous side of a certain vegetable...

Chloe, Designer - Kevin the Carrot, Aldi 2017

Showing another side of the nation's favourite orange vegetable, Aldi's carrot mascot Kevin returns to our screens this festive season. This time he has company in the form of Katie, his carroty love interest. In total, there have been eight adverts featuring Kevin that have graced our televisions this Christmas. Aldi combine adorable animated carrots with film references and close-up footage of delicious-looking food to create these fantastic adverts. They are so popular that Aldi actually released Kevin and Katie soft toys, which flew off the shelves!

Tyler, Web Developer - Give, Amazon 2017

The online superstore gave their boxes some character (and a singing voice!) in this festive advert that shows the journey our orders go on, from purchase, to depot, to delivery. The boxes seem to quite enjoy this too, belting out 'Give A Little Bit', originally by Rodger Hodson. The ad ends with heart-warming footage of a young girl excitedly receiving her parcel from a smiling Amazon deliveryman, just in time for Christmas!

Sarah, Office Manager - The Journey, John Lewis 2012

Sarah picked this emotive, classic advert featuring a male snowman going on an epic, dangerous journey into town to get his snow girlfriend a matching set of gloves, scarf and hat; the perfect accessories for any fashion-forward snow-woman. Backed by Gabrielle Alpin's fantastic cover of 'The Power of Love' (originally by Frankie Goes To Hollywood), this beautiful ad is reminiscent of some of the magic of 1982's The Snowman, but this time he's fuelled by love and the desire to give a really nice gift!

Declan, SEO Specialist - 1914, Sainsbury's 2014

Sainsbury's partnered with the Official Royal British Legion to create this tear-jerking, beautiful advert focused on recreating one of World War One's most famous moments. British and German soldiers, facing just another day stuck in the dark, grimy trenches, decide to emerge to celebrate Christmas, culminating in singing carols together, taking photos, swapping presents, and of course, playing football. This reconstruction combines tension and emotion to create an ad that really captures the brighter side of humanity.

Lynsey, Marketing Consultant - Magical Place, Toys R Us 1989/2009

When this classic advert originally came out in 1989, parents across the country must have groaned at the pleas to go and visit the toy superstore, and at hearing the song repeated over and over around the house. In fact, the advert was so popular, and the song so iconic, that Toys R Us gave it a face-lift and re-released it in 2009! The instantly recognisable song, and long-standing mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, who featured in both adverts, still feature prominently in their adverts. This year's advert shows Geoffrey stepping in for Santa's reindeer, after they get distracted by all the toys in the store!

Gemma, Marketing Manager - Journey, Coca-Cola 1999

This truly magical advert is all about the arrival of Christmas, wonderment and well, bottles of Coca-Cola! A long convoy of light-covered, branded trucks wind their way through a festive backdrop of snowy hills and pine trees before arriving in a town bedecked with lights, tinsel and all the trimmings. Families are waiting with bated breath for these lorries to reach them and spread the magic of Christmas. For a lot of people, this advert has come to signify that Christmas is here, much like the trucks in the advert do. Coca-Cola even brought the magic to the real world, sending their magical lorries out on tours of the country each Christmas for the past seven years!\_Vz\_xVjAU

Sophie, Content Writer - Monty the Penguin, John Lewis 2014

Another John Lewis ad inevitably makes the list! This heart-warming advert depicts a young child's bond with his 'pet' penguin, playing games together, reading together, decorating the tree together, but unfortunately Monty seems to be missing the love of a lady penguin. Come Christmas day, a dejected Monty is surprised by the love of his life Mabel under the tree! However, there is a twist, but I'll let you watch the ad below and see it for yourself! This a lovely, emotive advert that really warms the heart and puts you in the festive mood. John Lewis even took it a step further and created Twitter accounts for Monty & Mabel, that interacted with each other, and people too! Personally, this is probably my favourite on the list too!

David, Director - Paddington & the Christmas Visitor, Marks & Spencer 2017

Combining an iconic British department store with one of the nation's most beloved children's characters could only be a recipe for success. In this advert, Paddington's child-like personality sees him mistake a burglar stealing presents from the local children for Santa Claus. Our furry hero then helps the burglar, played by Mark Benton, to 'deliver' the recently stolen presents! Seeing the families enjoying opening their presents and spending time together warms the heart of the burglar. Paddington then shares his prized marmalade sandwich with him, and as a result, he realises the error of his ways. Despite feeling significantly inspired by The Grinch, this advert still raises a smile and warms the heart.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from everyone in the Surge office!

Words - Rob Sedgwick, Content Writer

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