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Karting North East

Karting North East is the leading karting attraction in the region and we just love helping them get the most from the web. We firstly designed and built a website for them, and we now help drive traffic to the website through social media and PPC campaigns.

The team at Karting North East wanted to create a live booking system on their website to integrate with their management software, and had been told it couldn’t be done. However, we’re always determined to create a solution for our clients. We created a system that offers a live view of event availability, as well as allowing customers to book and purchase event spots instantly, at any time of day. We also made it possible for Karting North East to configure availability across all of their tracks and event types from the WordPress dashboard.

The system used asynchronous Javascript to retrieve the latest availability across all dates, tracks and event types from Karting North East’s management system. Availability, opening hours, pricing and attendance limits were all configurable from within WordPress. Integration with the management system involved a complex logical challenge; the responses from many requests to separate endpoints had to be chained to achieve many things within the software. Surge created a usable interface to make querying availability, booking and checking out as simple and seamless as possible.

Karting is a really fun client for us to work with. We have loved creating engaging content for their social media and driving valuable traffic to their website through PPC campaigns. Since the website launched, 57% of all website traffic has come from our campaigns.

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