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Cleveland Land Services

You’ve likely seen Cleveland Land Services’ brand dotted about building sites in the North East, and even nationally. The team at CLS are experts in their field and we are proud to share our our own expertise with them to provide multiple services including SEO, PPC, content and print management.

We began working with CLS in August 2018, carrying out SEO and PPC campaigns. Their three divisions, Selfdrive, Landscape & Earthworks and Sport, needed a collective marketing strategy to increase brand awareness and ultimately generate more enquiries. We set up a PPC campaign which, in the first year, achieved an above-average conversion rate of almost 4%.

SEO was equally successful, with 70% of focus keywords increasing in ranking position by month 12. This has boosted their overall organic presence on a national level. Our marketing work with CLS is ongoing, and we monitor each campaign monthly to ensure they are performing to their full potential.

Surge designed and produced brochures for each of CLS’ divisions. For these brochures, we offered a range of page designs and produced informative case studies and content that highlights the skill and expertise that CLS bring to their projects. We then arranged a print service so our work was presented in the highest quality. Our talented designers also created presentation folders for CLS to greet their clients with.

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