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Chocolate Chip Photography

Chocolate Chip Photography is a leading wedding photography company based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne made up of husband-and-wife team, Chris and Shazia. We worked with Chocolate Chip to completely rebrand their business, design and build a bespoke website and then help them reach the right audience through social media marketing.

These guys have such a strong brand which was really fun to help them define. We made sure to incorporate Chris’ memorable beard and Shazia’s statement blue hair when we created the new logo for Chocolate Chip Photography, and we designed a website for them that showcased their skills perfectly.

Chocolate Chip’s website was built with photography at its core, and you’ll see on their wedding album pages that each one tells a story. The pages are made up of blocks that each tessellate with the next to ensure a smooth flow to the page. We also made sure the site had capability to hold a high volume of quality photographs without compromising site features such as page loading times.

Once the website was launched, we began growing brand awareness and sending traffic to the site through Facebook and Instagram ads. We are lucky to have some really beautiful images to use in our campaigns and have had some fantastic results. We began our marketing work in 2017 and have since seen an increase in web visitation and social media engagement year-on-year. Chris and Shazia are now fully booked for over a year in advance.

We started working with Surge two and a half years ago and I do not regret it in any way, shape or form! The guys at Surge have really changed our business. It’s great to have everything in one place and never have to worry about anything - I completely trust them. They’ve helped us build with a strong foundation and completely revamped our business. Since we started using Surge, business has probably tripled. It’s not just been about the fantastic job they’ve done for us in terms of what we’re paying them for. It’s also been about the things that we’ve not paid them for, like the bits of advice and other little things they’ve done for us that have completely changed not only our business but our lifestyle as well. It’s just been absolutely fantastic and I would highly, highly recommend Surge to anyone thinking of using them!

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