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WordPress is a great, easy-to-use CMS – or Content Management System, for those of you who are not familiar with the term. It might sound confusing, but all this means is that the end user has as much control over what goes on their website as the web designer does.

WordPress allows developers to build bespoke designs on top of their platform, meaning all the pretty, well-designed end results are mostly written from scratch by designers – WordPress allows users to manage their methods and workflow as they go, making them one of the most reliable and praised CMS sites around. As the popularity of WordPress grows, so do the features, plugins and support systems that exist for the platform. This has ultimately bought WordPress well into the public eye, and huge companies such as Samsung, Ford, Yahoo, Forbes and Playstation have all used WordPress in one way or another.

This article by WPExplorer covers the benefits of using WordPress, who uses WordPress and why, and much more.

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