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Is your business struggling to finalise a concrete SEO strategy for 2017? We have explained three different predicted trends to feature heavily in the SEO world during the New Year.

Related Keywords

You might want to use related keywords instead of repeating single keywords throughout single website pages or blog posts in order for Google to crawl the page and realise you are eager for your website to be found for the repeated term. The alternative related keyword terms you should include rather than repeating a single keyword should not be the same as your target keyword, but they should be similar. A good tool to use for finding similar keywords to use is Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Another alternative approach to avoid repeating your targeted keyword throughout site pages or blog posts – which is also known as keyword stuffing – is to have your target keyword feature in your: H1 title, first and last paragraphs, image alt tag, Meta description and page title.

Mobile Responsiveness

Having a mobile responsive website with a good mobile speed is imperative to your website being successful in mobile search rankings in 2017. As of November 2016, Google began to shift its indexing from desktop websites to mobile versions of the site, so if your website isn’t responsive on a mobile platform, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If your website is built using a common content management system, such as WordPress, or a popular eCommerce solution like Magento, there are plenty of responsive website designs to use to update your website to make it responsive – this will help it to avoid falling down mobile search ranking positions.

Conversion-focused Approach

In 2017, you should look to change your focus from ranking number 1 either in organically or paid listings for keywords that have high search volumes to terms which you believe will generate the most conversions within your industry. These terms are likely to be competitive, as other businesses within your industry will be attempting to rank highly as well because they will also want the conversion generated by the keyword. If you would like an SEO strategy for a campaign to begin in 2017 please contact us.

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