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Running a PPC campaign with Google Ads is easy. However, running a campaign that’s well-structured, cost-effective and consistently achieves results isn’t so straightforward. There are plenty of factors to consider – too many to fit into one blog post, in fact – but something that is particularly important and sometimes overlooked is the process of using ‘negative keywords’. Optimising your campaign for negative keywords is a logical way of refining your audience and it can make a huge impact if carried out correctly.

What do negative keywords do?

In a nutshell, negative keywords allow you to prevent your ads appearing through irrelevant searches. You’ll only be incorrectly matched with a keyword if it has some similarity to your ads. However, there may be a word or phrase that is loosely linked to your product or service, but another part of the keyword will make it completely irrelevant. If you see traffic coming to your website from keywords that aren’t true to your business, you need to look at adding negative keywords so you can filter these irrelevant users out.

Examples of where to use negative keywords

An extreme example of the importance of negative keywords is with a skydiving company. If your campaign keywords aren’t set to ‘exact match’, which isn’t always suitable, you might show up for some negative searches including ‘sky diving accident’ or ‘bad sky diving companies’. Negative keywords can vary heavily, but a good place to start is to include keywords such as ‘bad’ and ‘worst’. This way, if anyone is on the lookout for companies to avoid, you won’t appear in their results. Another example of negative keywords being crucial to a campaign is with a company selling musical instruments, including keyboards. For this instrument in particular, there’s a chance you could appear for keywords such as ‘computer keyboard’ or ‘keyboard warrior’ (it may sound silly, but people search for all sorts of phrases!). These are just some terms you’d need to list as negative keywords to ensure you’re as successful as possible.

It’s an ongoing process

Very rarely would you predict every possible inaccurate search your ad will appear for. This is why it’s important to keep checking up on your campaign. It’s practically unheard of that an account would run month on month with no need for improvements. New search terms, data and features crop up so frequently that making changes is a necessity of any AdWords campaign. Wondering whether your Google Ads are running as effectively as they could be? Contact our team for a free review of your account. We’re a Google Partner and our specialists have years of experience behind them.

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