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Admit it, we have all been there. Using our MI5 detective (stalking) skills to look at your best friend’s sister’s ex-boyfriend or your mate’s, girlfriend’s best friend and suddenly you forget where you are, you try to zoom in on an Instagram post thinking you’re on Facebook and BANG! Life over! That white heart pops up on your screen. Now you have two options, either:

Now you have two options, either:

  1. You unlike. You know fine well that they have already received the notification saying you have liked the post, but now when they click on said post they don’t see your name, giving them the clear realisation that you have been stalking and accidentally liked their photo.
  2. You roll with it, let them have the like! Then they are left wondering whether you really did have the best intentions and were just giving them a friendly like to get their numbers up.

Now this type of situation might be awkward in your personal life but what is the worst that can happen? Your mates pull you up on the incident at the pub, you get teased for a couple of hours and then all is forgotten apart from a few snide digs months down the road. hqdefault-300x225 Now imagine being a multinational company and making a Social Media blunder. Then it getting shared hundreds of thousands of times, receiving comments off people you have never heard of, and not just usual comments, comments that are harsh, hurtful and probably illegal.

Social Media and Business

Many businesses believe that Social Media is just “statuses, photos and Likes” and don’t really see the benefit of having an account. The people who think this are usually split into three groups.

  1. The businesses who have business Social Media accounts, and never update or post anything, there sites lay dormant, begging for attention.
  2. The businesses who have Social Media accounts for their business, and use it as more of a personal account, posting things that have very little relevance to their business, getting hardly any interactions and genuine Likes.
  3. And finally businesses who don’t have any Social Media accounts at all.

Many businesses see the benefits of Google Ads and SEO but Social Media is receiving the silent treatment when it comes to marketing tools. What if I told you that Facebook has over 30 modules that you can take, teaching you how to use Facebook as a marketing tool, that you can specially target only the people who are your demographic, down to what type of car they drive, and target your products at this audience? As well as this you can boost your posts, promote your website, even track the conversions that you’re getting from your website. Do you still think it isn’t a valuable marketing tool?

Use A Professional

Having said this doing it on your own can be tricky to master. First off, do you really have the time to teach yourself everything that will be beneficial to your business? Do you have time to read through the policies of advertising that Social Media accounts have in place? And do you really want to make a blunder like businesses in the past have done and receive an onslaught of abuse? No? Then use a professional.

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