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Blogging is one of those words that is flying around the internet more and more frequently as time goes on. If you’re an internet user, you just can’t get away from it.

In fact, it’s becoming so popular that 6.7 million people are now actively blogging and 77% of internet users read blogs. It’s even been proven that websites with blogs have more than 434% more indexed pages, meaning blogging could be making a huge difference to your company website. With this in mind, it may be time to ask yourself: if you’ve not yet cottoned onto this blogging craze, why the heck not? Of course, if you’re unfamiliar with blogging, it can be quite difficult to get your head around. You might be wondering how you even go about starting a blog up, never mind lifting it off the ground. Will people actually be interested in reading it? What will it do for your business or your personal life? How do you even go about starting a blog? Well, fear not – ten of the UK’s most influential and successful bloggers are offering a slice of advice to clue you up on the wonderful world of blogging…

1. Iain Mallory, Mallory On Travel – Travel Blogger

Welcome critique on your blogs

“The main reason we need outside criticism is simple; if unaware something is incorrect it is never going to be addressed. Sometimes errors only become apparent when they are viewed by objective eyes. It is for this reason that whenever an obvious grammatical or spelling error is spotted on another site I discreetly inform the author. In some cases this ‘interference’ may be resented but personally I welcome any assistance in professionalising my site and wish more would do the same. Ultimately new media and blogging needs to be perceived as professional and cutting out blatant errors on our sites is one path to achieving this.” @MalloryOnTravel

2. Lily Pebbles, Lily Pebbles – Beauty Blogger

Self-motivation is hard but important

“Make sure to write about something you’re passionate about and it’ll keep the fire alive. Set yourself goals (not numerical goals!) and give yourself a schedule to work towards.” @lilypebbles

3. Ella Woodward, Deliciously Ella – Food and Cooking Blogger 

Be authentic

“This is probably the most important point of all. You have to write about something that you truly love and are very passionate about. It doesn’t matter what that subject is or how mainstream it is, all that matters is that it’s important to you. When I first started my blog almost three years ago kale was not cool and everyone around me thought I was mad with my healthy eating, my audience was so much smaller but what mattered was that my readers could see that I cared about what I was writing about. So don’t just jump on a trend because all trends come and go, just run with your own passions no matter how weird or wonderful they are.” @DeliciouslyElla

4. Olivia Purvis, What Olivia Did – Female Fashion Blogger

Stop observing, start writing

“I genuinely think one of the reasons I had so much faith in my blog during its infancy was down to the fact I didn’t concern myself with what other people were doing. I read a handful of blogs I genuinely loved (none of which at this point were full time, or even using DSLR’s) and just got on with my own thing. I knew the content I liked, which meant I was able to seek inspiration from that unto my own- but I never even worried about where they were up to in comparison to me, because at the time (and still to this day) it wasn’t, and shouldn’t really be relevant.” @livpurvis

5. Julia Buckley, Julia’s Fitness Blog – Health and Fitness Blogger

Put yourself in your readers’ shoes

“My best tip is to imagine you’re meeting a friend for a coffee and a catch up. You wouldn’t spend the whole time telling them about products you’d tried, or listing everything you had for dinner over the last week, would you? If you did they wouldn’t be very likely to want to meet up with you again time soon. The same goes for blogging. “Put yourself in your readers’ shoes and write about things they’ll find interesting or helpful. Yes, it’s your blog and you’re free to be as self-indulgent as you please, and if you don’t mind whether anyone reads it that’s exactly what you should do. But if you would like to build up a following of regular readers you need to provide them with some kind of ‘value’. “Most people enjoy reading blogs written in a chatty style by someone they feel they can relate to, so do ‘be yourself’ and if you’ve tried a new product you love or discovered an amazing new recipe you want to share, by all means go for it – if you think your readers will benefit from hearing about it. Just don’t be that person who shows up for coffee and then spends the whole time boring you with topics you’re not interested it, or worse, tries to sell you something you don’t need or want!” @Juliabfit

6. Jo Middleton, Slummy Single Mummy – Parenting and Lifestyle Blogger

Be patient

“Be prepared for the long haul when it comes to gaining recognition. It can be a gradual process, but blogging on something you love can be a deeply rewarding experience too, so don’t lose faith.” @mummyblogger

7. Pauline, The Savvy Scot – Personal Finance/Money Saving Blogger

Manage your space

“All of that content you’re publishing? It takes up space on a server somewhere. Every post you publish, every comment someone leaves for you, it all uses up bytes and bytes of space. As your site and your published content expands, then, it is important that you have enough space to publish everything you need to publish from blog posts to photos to comments. There are a number of factors that will determine how much space your website will need. Make sure that the hosting provider you choose accounts for all of them (and that you have the budget for all of them).” @savvyscot

8. Ella Gregory, Coco’s Tea Party – Female Fashion Blogger

Involve your readers and support other blogs

“Create discussions within your post by asking readers what they think. Don’t be put off by negative comments. For every bad there will be a good and blogging is about letting everyone have their say. “Network. Find other blogs you like and comment on them regularly. Readers will find your blog through other sites and join in with your conversations.” @cocosteaparty

9. Dr. Paul Johnson, A Luxury Travel Blog – Travel Blogger 

Promote like crazy

“I cannot underestimate the importance of promoting the content that you publish. However good your content is, it’ll never realise its full potential if you don’t give it a little nudge in the right direction. Better still, give each and every post as much exposure as you possibly can. “Whether sharing on social media, engaging in discussions on travel boards, utilising your mailing list, trying to get the word out offline or running a paid advertising campaign, you can never do too much marketing and there is always more you can be doing. The secret is to make the most of the time and resources you have available to promote your blog and blog posts to their full potential.” @luxury__travel

10. Victoria Magrath, In The Frow – Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

Get Writing Lists

“Lists are your best friend. They remind you of everything you thought about, that time, on the bus, or on the tube, that you forget when you fall asleep. I have a notepad, granted I don’t use it often, but my notepad keeps some pretty cool lists inside, that I like to delve back into when I need a kick up the backside. I have made lists of what sort of posts I want to be posting per month, new video ideas, new concepts for blog posts etc etc. Even this morning I had a peek in that notebook and reminded myself of a new blog post to write.” @inthefrow

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