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Write Original Content

It is essential that all your website’s content is original, unique, and well-written. Taking content from other websites is firstly unethical and secondly, it can cause severe harm to your organic Google rankings. Every page within your website needs to be unique and relevant to the page title in question. If you use the same content on each page of your website, then your website will never rank highly in any search engine results page. When creating content for your website, Google recommends you to always write onsite content that will be useful and meaningful to your users.

Use Specific Keywords

When you are choosing keywords to use for your website, it is important to keep your website users in mind. You need to think about which keywords or phrases people are going to search for when they are looking for your business’ products or services. Essentially, you want to rank for keywords that drive high amounts of traffic but you should also keep in mind that general keywords such as ‘website designers’ will be very competitive to rank for. Because of this, some SEO experts are now saying keyword focuses should be altered slightly to target long tail keywords. These are keywords that are product or service and location specific, and they usually bring users who are interested in the product or services your business provides and who are also in the targeted location.

A Good Backlinking Campaign

Nowadays, Google encourages websites to build good quality, relevant links instead of trying to acquire as many links as possible, which used to be a popular SEO technique. This is now deemed as ‘black hat SEO’. This tactic is now strongly discouraged by Google Webmaster Guidelines and can lead to website penalisation. It is much more productive to spend time targeting website directories that have a good PageRank and that are relevant to your business’ products or services than to create lots of low-quality links. If you are interested in getting your website in shape for an SEO campaign, please contact us today!

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