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The beginning of 2018 will be remembered by many as one of the coldest winters of recent past, but to marketing heads, it will be remembered for the removal of Google AdWords Review Extensions. February saw the beginning of the end for extensions and all their data was wiped from the user interface completely.

What exactly were Review Extensions?

If you are not aware of what exactly review extensions were, then here’s a brief snippet to fill you in:

A third-party review extension on an ad allowed advertisers to share either a positive quote, awards or rankings with prospects. Review extensions were widely known for being difficult to get approved for ads but if you were lucky enough to get one approved then you would generally see the click-through rate increase by up to 10%.

Where to go now without Review Extensions?

There are still ways that Google ads can be spruced up to improve their overall performance. Ways you can improve ads include adding a Sitelink Extension, Callout Extension, Structured Snippet or Social Proof in Ad Copy.
Sitelink Extensions
Sitelink Extensions Sitelink extensions are links that can be found underneath an ad’s description. They tend to always have their own headline, short description and a link to a page within the website advertised. Sitelinks are useful if you want to point website users to a specific page within your site and then create a re-marketing audience of visitors to that specific website page.

Callout Extensions

Callout extensions promote shopping offers that your business provides. Two common callout extensions you are likely to find are ‘free shipping’ or ‘24-hour customer service’. This gives potential customers more of an idea about your business’ process and information about the types of products you sell or the services provided.

Structured Snippets

Although structured snippets do look very similar to callout extensions, when shown in ads, they are actually very different. Structured snippets afford businesses the chance to showcase to potential customers specific aspects of the product or service they provide. Whether that may be the branded clothing they sell, types of coverage they offer or one of many categorical options offered. A tip for structured snippets is to keep them short and sweet especially when it comes to mobile ads.

Social Proof in Ad Copy

Finally, adding subtle instances of social proof to your ad’s copy is seen as a great way to entice users into clicking on your ad, but you need to be aware that Google will suspend any ads it sees as hyperbolically superlative. All in all, users that had review extensions within their Google ads will see it as a blow but there are plenty of resolutions still available within AdWords. Take a look at other options – ultimately, your ads will still run successfully and their performance won’t be negatively impacted. Could you benefit from a review of your Google AdWords strategy? Get in touch with us – our experts will be happy to guide you!

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