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The internet is such a dynamic, changing environment, that trends and guidelines on how to approach managing sites online change very frequently. One of the most critical considerations that’s been highlighted in recent months is the importance of a ‘responsive’ website, i.e. a site that is able to adjust itself and its content for browsing on any devices, for example: smartphones and tablets. Changing consumer behaviour has seen a huge spike in the way that people browse and purchase products and services online. Although the number of desktop users has continued to increase in recent years, this was overtaken in volume by mobile in 2013.

Popular CMS platform WordPress has largely contributed to the ease of many website owners in having a site that’s mobile responsive, but proper evaluation of responsiveness in line with other guidelines is still essential. As well as a great responsive design, your website should have a marketing plan to support your business’ online presence.

You should be driving traffic to your website from wherever you can, so putting in place a well thought-out marketing plan, whether it be through adverts, SEO or social media, is bound to pay off in the long run. Statistics show that over 20% of Google searches are attributed to mobile devices, and following Google’s algorithm update in April this year, none mobile-responsive sites are being penalised and removed from mobile search results.

This is why you need to ensure your website is up to date and fully-functioning – how will it compare to competitor sites if it does not show up properly on all devices?

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