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Responsive web design is basically when elements that are on your website at desktop size will reshuffle as the viewport grows or shrinks. No content is lost in the process, everything on the page will stay the same if you require, and the elements will just reorder depending on the screen size.

Mobile Madness

52% of the population have smart phones at this time (2014), by the time 2016 is here, this will have increased to 62%. The amount of internet traffic that is being produced from people searching on their mobile phones is increasing as each day goes by. If your website is not mobile friendly then you are losing potential customers. Like woolly hats and woolly socks, one size fits all with regards to websites too.

Cutting the Costs

Having a responsive website cuts out the need for paying for a separate mobile website. It cuts down the time it takes for you to have to maintain both websites and therefore it cuts down your costs. A winner all round.

The Importance of User Experience

Content is key. But user experience is equally important. If a potential customer finds that your website is not very user-friendly then they will not take any time to read your content. As we have said before, research has shown that the brain makes a decision within one 20th of a second of viewing a website as to whether they think it looks good, and then of course, whether they are going to continue viewing it.

The Future

As we stated previously, more and more people are using mobile devices every day, whether they are mobile phones, iPods or tablets to name a few, and people expect websites to be visible no matter what device they view them on. To keep up with the evolving world of technology and keep your business at the top of its game, it is crucial that your website is responsive.

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