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Google has a long list of reasons why it punishes website rankings. We’ve put together a few of the most common reasons so you can avoid them at all costs!

Black Hat SEO Techniques

When SEO techniques do not comply with general guidelines, it is known as black hat SEO. Two common black hat SEO techniques are cloaking and redirecting. Cloaking is the SEO technique where you present content differently to search engine spiders in comparison to onsite website visitors. Modern day Google tools can easily identify this as specially created bots by the Panda algorithm target websites that have thin content level, and as a result they undergo Google penalties. Redirecting is the technique of having numerous URLs that link back to your main website. This can also lead to severe penalties as a recent Penguin update can detect unnatural patterns.

Duplicate Content

Most websites use onsite content that has been plagiarised unintentionally or automatically generated by pieces of software. To avoid any issues with plagiarised website content, we recommend getting a website content writer to go through every page of your website and edit the content so each page has relevant, unique content that is not plagiarised from other pages or another website.

Slow Loading Website

If your website takes a while to load up, then it can lead to drops in ranking positions or further algorithmic penalties. Ways you can keep your website loading speed down to a minimum include:

  • Minify CSS, JavaScript or HTML
  • Optimise Images
  • Reduce DNS lookups

Not having an SSL Certificate

This security update is new and there is potential for websites to be left in jeopardy if they don’t comply with this latest requirement. Adding an SSL certificate to your domain will see it change from ‘http’ to ‘https’ and Google will then see your website as secure. It is crucial for every website to add an SSL to their domain, but websites which require personal information to be inputted by website visitors will feel the punishment more if they don’t add an SSL certificate to their domain name because it is important for them to be trustworthy. If there is no SSL certificate, a warning will appear letting the user know that the website is not secure. Therefore, it is highly unlikely they will trust it with their personal details. If you would like to know if your website is likely to be punished by Google and find out ways to rectify any problems, then please get in touch with our friendly team.

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