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Meet Greg, our new SEO specialist. He joined the team towards the end of a very strange year, and has brought with him plenty of creativity and so much knowledge about the digital world!

Last year may have been a tough one in many ways, but luckily we were able to take some great positives from it. One of the highlights for us was the growth in our team. In 2020, we took on five amazing new individuals, one of which is Greg!

Greg only joined us in November, but he has already added so much to the marketing team. He's brought plenty of new ideas and is quick to solve any problems he comes across. We won't say much more, as Greg himself has put together a lovely introduction that tells you plenty about his background, his experience and his character. Here's what he had to say...

Hello From Greg

Originally from Hungary, I started to work in marketing in our family business, which was founded when I was 15 years old. After graduating from secondary school, I went to a bilingual vocational IT school to learn computer programming. Although I have never worked as a programmer, this gave me a good understanding of source codes and made it easier for me to implement CSS and Javascript later in my career.

After that, I went to a university where I studied communications, and in the meantime a professor from today’s Corvinus University helped me with my marketing efforts at the family business. In the last two years at the university, I worked as a freelance journalist at a national weekly. I graduated in 2006 and moved to the UK in the same year with my girlfriend who later became my wife.

After a couple years at a London hotel, where I learnt that Fawlty Towers was indeed a documentary, not a sitcom, I found my first online marketing job at Kaplan. Albeit it was a temporary role, this is where I learnt the basics of SEO, PPC and content management.

So I started to build up my online marketing career at this point, also moved to Stevenage, then to Malta, then back to London. My last jobs in London were agency side SEO roles, at large agencies with big clients. Around this time we started to visit the North East more often, and found an opportunity to move here eventually.

Given my communications degree and background in journalism, my favourite part of SEO is content, especially coming up with new content ideas and novel ways of presentation. Thanks to my programming knowledge, this is always accompanied by accurate technical implementation.

At Surge we have many clients in different industries and with various marketing needs, so there is always an opportunity to find creative ways to improve their online business.

Outside of work, I like to do lots of things which are not allowed at the moment, such as going to the cinema, concerts and travelling. Thanks to the computer games industry, I can build cities virtually, mostly for my own entertainment.

Remember: if you want to see customers on your website instead of tumbleweed, you are in need of an SEO expert, because if Google can’t find you, your customers won’t either!

Posted on:January 15th, 2021

Written by:Greg

Category: Other News

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