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It can sometimes be a scary experience when first starting a new job, especially as an apprentice marketer. However, when I had my first day at Surge, this common feeling rapidly disappeared. Greeted with open arms and introduced to the team straight away, I soon knew Surge was somewhere I’d enjoy working. My first month has not only allowed me to settle into my life at the company, but also develop skills for life in the industry. I have soon found Surge practice what they preach; delivering tailored solutions for a variety of businesses. This is only one reason why I am excited to be a part of the business.


Along with this, in such a short space of time I have learnt so much, which includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As an apprentice marketer, SEO is something I really hoped to understand more of and yes, there is a lot more to it than you think. I originally thought SEO meant good content and it does, but there’s more. Declan, my Geordie mentor for this month, showed me the ropes regarding back-linking. Back-linking has been my main focus of the month, as it’s a vital component of SEO which I needed to get up to speed with. It isn’t necessarily easy to understand, but I understood it quickly thanks to Declan. If you aren’t sure of its importance, it’s essentially crucial in helping websites gain a good organic rank on search engines.

Social Media

Moreover, something that soon became evident within Surge during my first month: they have a strong view on helping everyone know a bit of everything. And within the digital marketing industry, this is very beneficial. So, my introduction into the world of business on social media wasn’t daunting either. Both Declan and Rob helped me get comfortable using Facebook’s business manager, which isn’t always simple to get the hang of. When first introduced to the professional platforms for business on social media, it fast became apparent each component in my department intertwines. Back-linking comes with social media, linking back to business’ pages and their website, and vice versa. As well as this, comes good quality content and keywords.

Content Writing

Having already had experience in content writing, this wasn’t so unfamiliar to start at Surge; though I never thought of myself as the best writer. Thankfully, Sophie and Rob, the main content marketers, provided me with not only the right tools, but confidence I’ve required for writing tasks too. Additionally, my marketing manager, Gemma, evidently demonstrated in my first month the right capability and personality for me to confidently call my supervisor. This is especially important for me as an apprentice, including for the rest of my future at Surge. As with the rest of the team, they are an absolute delight to work with. Tony, Tyler, Chloe, Mark, Chelsea, Gary, Sarah and of course David, thank you for making my first month so brilliant. You are all gurus at what you do. Sadly, Chloe and Sarah are leaving us! I not only speak for myself here, but for the rest of the company, you will be sorely missed! Though I am not the only new asset to the company now, as Chris has just started too.

I certainly am looking forward to my future here at Surge, and hope to acquire new skills and knowledge within digital marketing.

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