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We often realise that it is the little things in life that make a big difference. It could be when someone remembers something little about you that you told them once upon a time or when someone smiles at you when you aren’t having the best day. These are the small things that really count.

The world of design and websites is no exception to this. From clever logos (we’re looking at you, FedEx®!), quirky branding, the simple colour change on the hover of a button on a website, or small animations, there is no question that when it comes to design, the little things really do make a big difference. With technology ever changing and new design trends coming about, it is understandable that sometimes, the little things can be overlooked in order to focus on the big picture and stay on the ball. However, don’t forget the little guys, these guys are heroes in their own right!

Why the little things are also the big things

When you look at the way something has been designed, you may see small touches that, again, may seem quite insignificant and may not be noticed at first glance but to the people that designed this, it will have been thought about and purposefully done that way for a reason. These small things can also take time to develop – some functionality on a website that may not seem like a huge deal could have taken quite a long time to code to make it look and work a certain way. As designers, the little things are big things to us because they play a big part in making the experience you have hopefully more interesting and enjoyable. When we decided to redesign our website this year, we wanted to create something fresh, have a positive user experience and something that really expresses who we are as a company – but we also wanted to make use of the little things. In terms of design, we introduced a new highlight colour, we made more use of our Surge triangles and we incorporated subtle transitions and animations. We also created our very own characters that resemble us all so you can get to know us a little better. We wanted something that expresses just how much we all love what we do and hopefully, this comes across in our new website and we hope you guys have a pleasant experience when exploring it! Maybe next time you are on a website, keep an eye out for the little things. Something like a slow zoom on an image or a colour change when you hover over a button were all thought about when designing and developing the website, and it is these little things that can make your experience that bit more delightful. And of course, it is absolutely not just online where we can notice these little things. Even more importantly, it can be spending time with the people around us or just going outside to explore! So, go on ahead and enjoy the little things in life!

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