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Ever tried to complete a jigsaw but didn’t have all the pieces, pretty infuriating right? What if someone mixed two jigsaws together so nothing seemed to fit, or even worse took the picture away and everything was a blind guess.

Well this is a lot like online marketing, you may have the picture and see what it is supposed to look like, but the picture is an ocean scene and when all the pieces look the same making it is complicated and almost impossible to complete.

So where to start, like any business activity a strategy needs to be set in place, if you don’t know where you’re going then how do you expect to get there?

Step 1) Corners (Website) – easy to identify, know where they are supposed to go and hold the rest of the pieces together, almost like having a website in the first place. Without a website you cannot move on any further, you have nothing to link all other online marketing accounts too, you cannot be found on Google, and you cannot advertise your services on other websites.

Step 2) Edges (Analytics) – Google analytics is the most popular free web analytics services offered, in which can be used to track and report all website traffic that lands on your website. This gives you an idea of how well you are performing, how many visitors have landed on your site and what they did when they were there. Much like the edges of a jigsaw, analytics gives you an overview of the whole picture and what you can achieve if you keep building on it.

Step 3) the middle bit aka the difficult part (visitors) – As we see a lot of the time with businesses, having a website in this day and age can be pointless unless marketed correctly. You can have the best website in the world built, spending thousands and thousands of pounds on it, although if nobody ever finds it what is the point? Or alternatively have thousands of visitors to your site but never make a sale. So what’s the next piece to be placed……..visitors, how do you get them?

Well there is number of ways to drive visitors to your website, depending on the overall business. SEO, AdWords, Email Marketing, Social Media, Goggle Shopping, YouTube, Remarketing, PR stories, Blogs, Signs, Business Cards, Promotional Materials, Advertising or even on a mug, the list goes on. There are many different accounts that Google have that all can be used greatly for stepping further into competing the online marketing jigsaw. Even when you have all the pieces in place, they then need to be linked together, sure having Google AdWords in place is a start but if it is not linked up to Analytics correctly then all you will see is how may clicks the ads have had. Go on to link this to AdWords and it will tell you how profitable these clicks are and what ROI you will get from AdWords. Engage with Facebook and use social media as a way on attracting visitors and again when linked correctly with Analytics this will show you how long a Facebook user spent on the site and which page they interacted with more building up a profile of your visitors.

To sum up, in order to achieve success in online marketing, you need a clear strategy and ensure you use all ‘pieces’. But the main thing is like a jigsaw, it may be slow to complete and mistakes may be made along the way costing time (and money). The main key is to start and the rest is all part of learning in order to then sit back and take pride in that the picture will be successfully completed. Or alternatively if Jigsaws aren’t your thing, contact us at Surge Marketing Solutions and let us start building.

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