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The newest thing in the world of social media has been unveiled this week. Instagram, in their bid to overtake YouTube and Snapchat, have just launched IGTV. The new app will allow users to watch videos of up to an hour long or as short as one minute. IGTV’s aim is to bring in younger audiences, as less and less 13-to-17-year-olds are moving away from Facebook and onto newer platforms. Additionally, Instagram has turned eight years old this year, and has come a long way from its initial photo-based posts. The app now sees more people posting larger amounts of videos, GIFs and Boomerang loops.

What will IGTV do?

As already mentioned, the app will allow creators to post short or long videos. The choice will be particularly useful for popular video creators (known largely as ‘YouTubers’), other media outlets and companies. One thing that makes the app comparable to Snapchat is it allows vertical video only, without the widescreen watching option. IGTV aims to replicate the Discover tab on Snapchat, which showcases stories from big names like Vice and CNN. It looks promising for younger audiences, as the application’s creators say it’s trying to preserve the status for sharing and viewing content. Facebook hopes that launching IGTV will help boost its revenue, which fell due to a scandal that occurred this year. The scandal caused many teenagers to either deactivate or completely delete their accounts. However, a boost in revenue wouldn’t come as a surprise due to IGTV, as Instagram currently has 1 billion users, close to beating YouTube’s 1.8 billion.

What does this mean for marketing?

Big names will most definitely see positive results, though it seems that achieving such results won’t come easy. Many market analysts believe the app will provide better suitability for 30-second to 1-minute long video advertisements, which currently aren’t available on Instagram. So, marketers must get up to speed with IGTV when the advertisements roll out. Once these ads gain traction, Instagram have said they intend to share revenue with video creators in future. social-media-sign This is similar to YouTube’s partnership schemes for popular creators. Although this could bring more creators to the app, IGTV need to remember they’re going directly against YouTube’s platform – a platform which is well and long established, whereby users can post any long-form videos. When the app showcased its launch, it said the initial aim was for a place of entertainment. For now, IGTV intends to increase engagement, a bit like Instagram Stories already do. But, instead of the bubbles seen at the top of Instagram’s app, videos on IGTV will show at the bottom of screens. Clicking on the videos will make them full screen, popping up the same interactions as Instagram showing on the left hand corner of the screen. If you are unfamiliar with these, the interactions include: a share, heart and comment option. Instagram itself already has high engagement numbers, so IGTV looks hopeful for the future within the world of Social Media.

Will you be installing the IGTV application?

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