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Social media platforms are in a constant race to be the best.

In the past, this has brought developments like Facebook’s Messenger app, Twitter’s option to add GIFs to tweets, Snapchat introducing hilarious and ever-changing filters (if you’ve not yet seen these, where have you been? See some of the best here) and LinkedIn allowing endorsements from connections. These are just a handful of the constant movements made in the world of social media, and the most recent one – Instagram Stories – has got us all a little puzzled…

Instagram Stories

Instagram yesterday introduced its latest feature, Instagram Stories. This feature allows users to either post images or videos to a ‘story’ that will be available for their followers to see at the top of their main feed (and anyone who uses Instagram, if their profile is public – although there’s an option to choose exactly who views them). The footage on Instagram Stories is only available for 24 hours from the time of posting and each video can be a maximum of ten seconds long. Are we getting déjà vu? It’s all well and good to have a feature that is so innovative and fast-moving, but something’s telling us this idea has some very specific inspiration…

Snapchat Stories

In 2013, Snapchat introduced its own original ‘stories’ feature, which has pretty much exactly the same algorithm as the new Instagram Stories. Like Instagram’s latest feature, Snapchat Stories are available for 24 hours only, with videos having a maximum length of ten seconds. The only major difference is that Snapchat offers a constantly changing cycle of filters for its users to enjoy.

This feature worked amazingly well for Snapchat when it was launched, and as of April 2016, Snapchat was named the most popular social network among teens. It’s a fierce competitor of Instagram, whose demographic is very similar, so the introduction of Instagram Stories could have some serious implications if people get on board with it.

What does it mean for the two networks?

Instagram already has 300 million daily users, but what will this advancement mean for them? People are already commenting on the feature – you can see some Twitter users’ views below – and it’s not looking great so far. It could go either way though: either people will enjoy having both features in one place and use Instagram more and more, or Snapchat users will rebel against Instagram and stick with the original provider of ‘stories’. No matter the outcome, it’s a huge and bold step for Instagram to take. It could take off or backfire… It’s only been live for just over 24 hours, so we’ll have to wait and see!

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