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It’s been a few weeks now since the battle for the best Christmas ad commenced. There’s one advert, however, that stuck in our minds ever since we first saw it. It’s not John Lewis’ Elton story, nor the Sainsbury’s nativity performance. In fact, it’s one that you won’t see on your TV at all this festive season – Iceland’s heart-wrenching story of an orangutan who lost his home due to deforestation.

The Advert

Iceland teamed up with Greenpeace for their Christmas campaign this year. It follows a story that captured the hearts of the nation. In a nutshell, a baby orangutan is looking for somewhere to live after his home was destroyed for palm oil, and he finds himself in a little girl’s room. The girl, calling him ‘Rang-Tan’, asks why he’s left his home. Upon discovering the horrific reality, she promises him she’ll do all she can to get his home back and prevent the use of palm oil in everyday products.

The Ban

Shockingly, this powerful and moving advert was banned from TV for being ‘too political’. Clearcast, the company working on behalf of broadcasters to ensure all ads are ethically suitable and compliant of laws, believed Iceland’s Christmas ad was in breach of rules that ban political advertising in the 2003 Communications Act. Following the ban, thousands upon thousands of people from all backgrounds expressed their disgust online. And so, social media stepped up to give Rang-Tan the platform he deserved.

The Power Of Social Media

The advert spread like wildfire when it was released on social media. In fact, this is one of the most effective examples of social media marketing we’ve seen all year. To put this into perspective, it’s been around a month since the advert was shared on Iceland’s Facebook page, and since then, it’s received more than 16 million views, 688,602 shares and more than 300,000 reactions. Some would say that being banned is the best thing that could have happened. After all, social media has been more effective than TV ever would have been.

The Impact

Iceland knew they had to promote their advert to get their message across, and they ended up with the perfect platform to do so. The video, which has been viewed by millions and discussed all over the world, has raised significant awareness for the dangers of palm oil to certain habitats. In this day and age, we know that there’s a lot of pressure to protect our planet. Consumers are now more ethically conscious than ever before, and more and more brands are trying to reduce the amount of palm oil used in their products. You can see Rang-Tan’s story here:

Want To Improve Your Social Media Presence?

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