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Coming up with a bold and memorable brand name is no walk in the park! Follow this step-by-step guide to help you along the way.

I don’t need to tell you how important having a good brand name is, do I? But where do you start? Surely the idea doesn’t just pop into your head?

Well, actually, it kind of does.

But you have to put in some work beforehand to warm up your subconscious. And I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide of how to do just that. Step 1: Brainstorm

Write down as many adjectives and nouns as you can think of to do with your product.

For example, if your product is a new children’s outdoor shoe, you might go for adventurous words: daredevil, hero, jeeps, lost city, temples, adventure and fun. You could then write down some qualities the parents would be looking for: durable, rugged, value, exciting, long-lasting, etc.

Some other useful starting points include:

Animals that could be associated with your product.
Words associated with a location your product is linked to.
Your product’s USP.
How the customer feels using the product.

Step 2: Synonym Research

Next, use a thesaurus to write down synonyms for all the words in your brainstorm. Try to avoid using a computer, as this will distract you.

Go crazy with this. List anything that comes into your head as you’re going. Write everything down. Everything.

Remember, you’re conditioning your

Step 3: The ‘Look’ of the Name

What do you want the name to look like? For example, these brand names look very different:

Badger-Biz IT
The Humphrey Williams Technology Company
Fl:o IT

Consider how many syllables will work best. If your target audience is children, aim for two-syllable names. If you aren’t sure, check what your competitors’ names look like.

Will the product need to adapt to a range? If so, the name will need to be adaptable.

For example, going back to our range of shoes, you could have names like:

Forest Trail
Forest Trail Explorer
Forest Trail Extreme

Finally, if your name is going to be three words or longer, save yourself some potential embarrassment and check what its acronym would be. Step 4: List All Your Ideas

Write down every single idea as it comes to you. We almost want the first 50 to be terrible. Why? Because once a bad idea is written down, it means you’ve gotten rid of it from your head.

Got 100? Don’t stop there. I write down about 200 brand names during this process, but it can take days to complete project like this, so don’t get down if it’s taking you a while.

And once you’re finished, sleep on it. Try and give it a couple of days’ space, if you can. You need some time away from the project to let your subconscious get to work.

When a good idea comes to you out of nowhere, make sure you write it down

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