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The way people view and connect to websites is ever-changing; users expect to view a website and be able to navigate easily around it. The layout should be easy on the eye and the information presented on the site should be concise and if possible, include interactivity. Not only should website design surround the customer but it should also support the brand. A well-designed website should help convert visitors into customers, so if your website is not doing its job, why not? Here are just a few questions to ask yourself if you are considering looking into a website redesign:

Is your website responsive?

Google announced earlier this year in April that websites will be ranked on responsiveness over standard design, therefore the importance of responsive web design should be at the top of your list. Google announced this due to the amount of people searching for sites through mobile and tablet devices. So, responsive web design ensures that your site is able to adapt to the shape and size of the device, saving the user time zooming in on content and so on.

Is your design bespoke?

There are so many websites out there in this day and age, and you want yours to really stand out from the rest. You should think outside the box a bit when working on a design – if your website looks the same as many others, you may want a redesign to make it stand out from the crowd and avoid it getting lost in the millions of sites there are out there.

Do you have a CMS-built website?

A Content Management System, also known as a CMS, is an online platform which allows you to update your website as regularly as you want. The point is to make it easy for you to add to and edit your website, even if you’re not a very technologically-advanced person. Some platforms we recommend using include: WordPress, Concrete 5 and Magento. A CMS allows you to have full control of your content and the layout of your website, so it really is essential!

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