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For years, Google has been the top search engine in the world. The company aims to cater for everyone, giving them the best search experience and the most relevant results possible, no matter the platform type. Recently, Google has launched a new feature for its mobile searches, helping it to push towards more mobile-friendly usage. The new feature replaces the ‘next’ button with a ‘more results’ option. This allows all search results to show on one page, rather than opening more pages for further results. This new button helps users to browse their search results more efficiently on mobile platforms, but what else does it mean?

An in-depth look at ‘more results’ on mobile searches

‘More results’ is essentially an easier way for users to display results of mobile searches. It’s made easier as results stay displayed on one page, rather than several which users must click through to view. The feature enables simpler, quicker navigation, meaning an improved internet browsing experience for mobile platforms. Businesses and SEO experts don’t have to worry much about this update, as page rankings will not be affected. They will rather recognise the benefits, because users can find extra content more quickly. Anyone with an interest in SEO knows that ranking on the first page of results for relevant keywords is a major goal, but this new feature could even extend users’ interest to beyond page one. With more and more Google users carrying out searches on mobile devices, businesses could really feel the benefit of this new update. Their traffic is likely to increase, as it is so easy for users to find a range of relevant pages. Additionally, any content which has remained on second and third pages of search results may find an improved page ranking. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to follow a well-structured SEO strategy, which involves optimisation for content and keywords, and focus on responsive web design for mobiles. As Google continues to prioritise mobile use and search, it’s vital your website keeps up to the highest standards to achieve success.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

With mobile becoming the prioritised platform, it’s wise for websites to switch to AMP sooner rather than later. AMP is Google’s project for supporting mobile optimisation without sacrificing performance and content. It helps to boost loading speeds and improve compatibility, which is a crucial factor for ranking sites on mobile devices. Businesses that consider future-proofing their website using SEO and AMP find much more success in reaching new customers, increasing sales and improving awareness of their brand. Furthermore, the switch will help extend to advertisements and emailing.

Planning Ahead

As loading speeds are such a major aspect within SEO, Google plans to launch a speed update this coming July. The best way to prepare for this update is through auditing tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights. Such tools aid in assessing your website’s performance, providing accuracy for finding improvement methods. Although this particular update is minor, businesses and SEO experts alike should keep up to speed with anything that may effect their work. Making sure your website is optimised for all devices is crucial, especially now mobile users may extend their search beyond page one. As ever, this year is bound to bring many more updates to the way people search. Keep on your toes and open your eyes to any opportunities that may improve your campaign. If you’d like some advice on your SEO, or any other aspect of your digital marketing, we would be happy to chat about your options over a cuppa. Speak to a member of our team today!
Words: Charlotte Cate, Marketing Apprentice

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