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As with every other talking point in the world, people take to Facebook to get their points across. Nutrition, fitness and health issues are not excluded from this. Although it can sometimes be hard to draw the line between what’s fact or fiction when it comes to health claims, the new Facebook update means it will be cracking down on any content that is deemed sensational or misleading. In early July 2019, Facebook made two key updates with the aim of improving the quality of the information in relation to nutrition, fitness and health posts.

The updates are as follows

1.Keeping a close eye on posts to see if a post makes an exaggerated or misleading claim. For example, a post could be making a controversial claim about miracle cures.

2.Facebook will consider if a post is promoting a product or service based on health that could potentially be damaging to users. For example, the promotion of medication that can help you lose weight in an unnatural way.

Facebook has been handling nutrition, fitness and health posts the same way it has filtered low-quality content. It will go about it by looking for words or phrases that are common in posts that predict sensational health claims or promotion of products or services with health-related claims. Posts not deemed suitable or compliant with Facebook’s rules risk having lower reach and engagement levels. The posts may be removed in extreme cases. All in all, it is said that Facebook does not expect to see too much of a significant change to the News Feed distribution. However, this update is a warning to any pages that post content related to health and nutrition to ensure all content shared is authentic and helpful to the user. If you would like us to review your businesses Facebook page to see if you may be affected by this update, please get in touch.

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