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With Christmas soon upon us, we’re nearing the end of 2018. It has been a fantastic year for the digital marketing world, as lots of innovative technology has come to fruition. With this in mind, it is obvious existing technology is only going to become smarter and smarter each year. It’s vital for us marketers to keep up to speed with the latest marketing trends, especially as our main job is to grab audiences’ attention. That being said, the following trends give us just a taste of what’s to be expected in the marketing and business world throughout 2019.


Although a fairly young trend, Chatbots are still continuing to evolve. A recent estimation showed chatbots by 2022 will save around £6 billion for businesses, which is why they need to begin adopting the feature. Why? Chatbots, when used effectively, can act as a customer service that’s integrated into a business’ system. Additionally, the chats are fully customisable, enabling for easier communication with audiences about any queries they may have. Not only this, but they can provide warm welcomes and support users with eCommerce purchasing, as well as on social media. However, it is important to remember these shouldn’t replace human intervention when necessary.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What’s been one of the most talked-about marketing trends of 2018 and developing technology, which is expected to carry over into 2019, is AI. It is similar to chatbots, however sometimes more complex to understand. When simply put, AI is a computer system which helps to analyse data quickly. By analysing data, the computer can identify patterns and behaviours of whatever it is looking at. This is greatly helpful for databases within businesses, such as when going through existing customers’ expectations. Moreover, making use of this technology will obviously speed up various operations within businesses. A good example could be when needing to gain better insight on your company’s competitors, through scanning social media conversations. In short, marketers can make use of AI in the coming year, for improving customer experience and therefore providing higher satisfaction. So, keep an eye out for what’s in store for this next year, considering its marketing success through 2018.

Smart Speakers

What’s now become a part of most homes across the world is smart speakers, like Alexa. The device has many advantages, as users can verbally ask it to play music, order products and research to their hearts content. It is possible for many kinds of businesses to capitalize this trend, just through their website. It is now possible to optimise it for voice searches, however you’d best know what your audience is searching for. Along with this, when using voice search, it is usually done through conversational format. So, when it comes to optimisation, you need to include such phrases within your website, not just short tail keywords. A good way of doing this could be incorporating an FAQ page on your website. Furthermore, writing fresh blog content will help to optimise here, as it does so naturally. Making effective use of optimisation for this will likely help with your website’s rankings.

Going Live

With regards to content marketing, video is still the most popular form for users. However, live video is slowly becoming the best thing for businesses to benefit from. So, in 2019 perhaps this is something your business should make use of, particularly if you put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Some ideas you could utilise include: how-to videos, product reviews, demos and behind the scenes of your services. If you do decide to go live, it is vital you brainstorm and put together a solid strategy. Although the ideas you come up with are for live video, remember you can still use them in other areas of content marketing. Additionally, you must choose which live platform to focus on. Thankfully, there are many to pick from such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube live, to name a few. Having covered the expected trends, 2019 is looking to be an exciting year for the digital marketing industry. blog-writer-cartoon If you’d like us to review your digital marketing strategy and make sure you’re getting the most from the web, contact us today. We offer social media marketing, Google Ads, e-mail marketing, content creation and SEO Middlesbrough as well as branding services and bespoke website design and build.

Posted on:December 4th, 2018

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