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What is a Content Management System (CMS) and why is it so good?

CMS or Content Management System is a name given to describe a platform on which to manage a website.

CMS platforms allow customers who are non-technical to edit pages on their website easily, add new pages to the website and many other things. For example: if we build a customer a ecommerce website, we would include a way of adding products and editing products to the CMS. The customer would then be able to do these things by themselves 24/7 without having to wait for their web developers to complete these tasks on their behalf, giving them complete control of their own website content.

There are many types of Content Management Systems. Some of the best include WordPress, concrete5 and Magento. Each of these systems have their own features that make them a reliable and worthwhile platform. It’s up to you and your web developer to choose which platform is best suited to you. After discussing your need and ultimate goal, you will soon find the perfect CMS for your website.

Wordpress is the most used CMS.WordPress is the most used CMS.
WordPress is very feature-rich. It started out as a blogging platform but quickly attracted developers who wanted to build plugins for it. Plugins added to the core blogging experience to make WordPress into a full CMS, this full CMS including: editing pages, adding pages and having pages with different types of content that can be edited from a centralised panel.

Magento is another type of CMS. Magento is built primary for e-commerce websites. Its plugins are focused on the needs of e-commerce functionality.

Concrete5 version 5.7 has a drag and drop editing mode and clients find it easy to learn.

Concrete5 is a brilliant platform for building bespoke brochure websites and it is easy to learn for customers who find it hard to pick up new technologies.

A little help…

concrete5 is used mainly for bespoke brochure sites where bespoke web design and custom functionality really matters. concrete5 has built in add-ons that give developers and customers extra functionality to build a website that meets the client’s initial design brief.

WordPress is used similarly, but you’ll find yourself having to rely on more plugins to do the same job. These plugins are not bundled into the core of WordPress by default.

That might sound like a bad thing but there are more professionally build plugins available for WordPress compared to concrete5’s core add-ons. This means WordPress usually better fits the requirements of clients compared to concrete5 due to there being more functionality available on this platform.

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