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Hopefully since our last blog, you’ve breezed through some Facebook competitions that abide by the rules, stopped asking your friends to follow your business’ Twitter page and responded to your customer comments with care and enthusiasm!

But that’s not quite everything. There’s always room for improvement when you’re managing a business page, so here are a few more handy pointers to make sure you’re avoiding social media mistakes at all costs and getting the most from the web…

Are you getting the right balance between personality and professionalism?

Depending on the kind of company you’re managing, when you’re communicating with customers and trying to get them on board with your business, it’s important to be warm and inviting. However, there’s a fine line between having a customer-friendly tone and just being plain unprofessional. You need to decide whether the business needs a voice that will speak to your customers on a personal level or on a professional level, and then you need to continue with it. Inconsistency is quite a turn-off and can confuse potential customers, so finding a voice and sticking with it is vital. This applies when you’re responding to comments and in individual posts – in the long-run, it will really benefit you.

A bad image for business

We’ve mainly focussed on the content you post so far, but that’s not what all of this is about – your social media slipups could even be down to the images you upload as your cover and profile pictures. These need to be in the right dimensions to make them perfectly clear, not to mention being placed correctly. On Facebook and Twitter, the size of your cover photo (the long, landscape image across the top of your page) can be quite difficult to get right, and many businesses don’t even realise their images are formatted incorrectly. There are several websites, such as Canva, that can help you out with this. More people than you may think don’t double check their images, and a pixelated or badly-cropped photo right at the top of your page will look highly unprofessional and ultimately off-putting to a potential new follower, which is definitely not what you need. It doesn’t take long to check your photos are high quality and suitable for the business, so don’t cut corners. Make sure they reflect the excellence of the product and promote a polished and professional company.

Spamming won’t work!

Sometimes, when you’re trying to get a business noticed online, it can get to the point where you feel you just need to do ANYTHING you can to get through to people. It can be tempting to post about said business every hour and Tweet like there’s no tomorrow, but you need to think about it from a customer’s perspective. If you saw a brand persistently pushing themselves into your virtual face, would you be inclined to support them? Or would it annoy you and maybe even encourage you to ‘unfollow’ them? Online marketing is a lengthy process, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t generate leads straight away. It’s all about growth and getting people to remember you for what you do. Yes, you need to keep an active, engaging social media presence, but it doesn’t have to surround people completely. If your posts are appealing enough, people will remember them even if they only come across them once a week. Keep a good balance on your social media account and don’t forget that quality counts for much more than quantity.

And if that’s not enough for you, we’ll be back over the next couple of weeks with the final instalment of social media mistakes you need to avoid making! Until then, why not check out our other social media blogs or leave your views in the comments below?

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