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Instagram introduced being able to have two accounts logged in at the same time as well as a snazzy new logo, Facebook brought in new interactions, Snapchat now gives us a range of filters and Twitter…. Well Twitter is still there.

With how social networks compete with each other it’s a wonder Twitter hasn’t announced anything in recent weeks. Well get ready for it!


Ok well it’s a rumour, but look at the rumour of Facebook interactions and how true that was. So time for what has actually been said…

Well apparently there has been a mix up in Twitter HQ, co-founder Jack Dorsey returning as CEO and some notable layoffs to name a few, Twitter is poised to make one of the most drastic changes, this being the character limit change.

According to the rumour mill and early reports the character expansion won’t effect users that much, you won’t be seeing paragraph after paragraph when scrolling down your newsfeed. Instead you will see the 140 tweet and have the option to expand it to see any additional commentary. So really it won’t affect personal users (unless they want to see rants in more depth now) however for business use it will be a massive improvement.

As it stands Twitter is a “microblogging” site, meaning it’s a middleman between the user and the destination. Twitter is used to post little snippets of information called a “hook” and then directing people to a link. This could be a link to a blog post on their website, another online article they have seen or for complaints purposes an email address or number for a call centre. With the extension of characters this may now be a thing of the past.

As it stands there is no way that a substantial response can be given via Twitter, companies can direct message people but the person has to be following the businesses Twitter account for this feature to be available. Again with the expanded character limit companies can talk directly to the customer instead of having to be directed to a call centre. However, does this create another issue in the fact there is no need for the call centres anymore.

Whatever Twitter decided to do they need to launch a new product or service to keep them in with the competition. This character extension might be just the thing they need.

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