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There are always rumours flying around with the popular Social Media site Facebook.

For example, that one time that Mark Zuckerberg himself was going to give you a millions of dollars for sharing a post.

Or what about that other one where Facebook was going to start charging for using the Social Media platform?

Basically not everything you read on Facebook is true, however what about these rumours that Facebook are changing their Like button? In September, Mark Zuckerberg did hint that he was working on “a way of expanding” the famous Like button. Many people thought this meant adding a Dislike button, which has been a popular suggestion over the years, yet Facebook always rules this out, as it could cause too much negativity on the site.

What’s included?

The rumour mill suggests Facebook are bringing in several emoticons that users will be able to use instead of the one thumb button. Don’t be alarmed if you hate change though! The thumb isn’t going anywhere. Apparently the new Facebook button will have a Like, Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad and Angry button. I suppose now you won’t suffer that inner turmoil when you see your friend has broken her leg and although you want to support her through this hard time you don’t want to look like you have a sick sense of humour by “Liking” it.

So is it true?

According to an in-depth Bloomberg Feature, it is true! Facebook have been testing out the new options for a few months, it says in the Bloomberg Feature, first testing reactions in Spain and Ireland, then Chile, the Philippines, Portugal, and Colombia. Then in January, Chris Cox, the social network’s chief product officer, flew to Tokyo to sell the reactions to Japan. Whilst in Tokyo, Cox explained Facebook’s goal: a universal vocabulary that lets the users express their emotions as they scroll through the newsfeed.

When are we getting it?

This is either an amazing PR stunt or it is actually happening – either way, Facebook won’t give a specific date for when the new options will be introduced around the world. All they are saying is that it will be “in the next few weeks.” What we do know however, is that Facebook have axed the “Yey” emoticon due to it “not being universally understood”. But it looks like we have to wait even longer to see if the rumours are true.

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