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We all love an emoji, but how would we feel about being able to control an emoji’s facial expression with our own?

As far-fetched as it sounds, according to 9to5Mac, the new iPhones will allow us to do just that!

Introducing the Animoji!

Animated emojis – known as ‘Animojis’ – will use 3D sensors that will track your facial expression and voice to create expressive emojis to send to your friends. It’s been reported that the iPhone 8 will be able to detect movements from both your eyes, eyebrows, your chin, your cheeks, your mouth and jaw to bring your favourite emojis to life.

Which emojis will we be able to animate?

It’s still early days and not much has been confirmed regarding the emojis involved in the update. However, reports have stated that the following characters will be included: Unicorn, Robot, Rabbit, Monkey, Cat, Dog, Pig, Panda, Fox, Chicken, Alien and Pile of Poo – one we’re sure many of you will look forward to using! While the ‘Animoji’ function will be built into iOS 11, it will be exclusive to OLED phones. This is because it relies on the 3D sensor hardware to track users’ faces.

When will the ‘Animoji’ function be available?

Apple are said to be officially unveiling the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X today. Traditionally, iPhones are available to pre-order the week after they are revealed and available to buy the week following that. However, this is yet to be confirmed. We can’t wait to try out the ‘Animojis’, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled! What do you think of this latest addition?

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