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Instagram Step Up Security Measures

Posted: July 14th 2017

With more businesses relying on social media sites to increase traffic, we know that levels of security and reputation upkeep are at the top of your list of priorities. The rise in the number of trolls present on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is no longer just affecting celebs, it’s made its way to the business world too. Therefore, it is growing more and more important to ensure you’re equipped to safeguard your pages, and in turn your reputations, by keeping on top of the latest updates.

Instagram’s Updates Explained

Last month, Instagram announced a shake-up in security after receiving complaints about the sheer number of abusive comments and fake profiles that their users are exposed to. The most recent update includes two new filters. No, not for your face, but to improve the appearance of your page's security settings. The first will filter ‘certain offensive comments’ from being visible on your posts to users who also have the filters enabled, but the user who types the comment will still see it on their device. The second is a filter which will automatically remove spam from comments written in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Japanese and Chinese on your posts or live videos.

How To Do It

You can find the filtering option by visiting the settings menu, selecting comments and tapping the tab ‘Hide Inappropriate Comments’. This new update could save your business time, but it does have a downside. The actual comments will not be prevented from being posted, just hidden from a number of users. With users needing to opt in to the security feature, the comments could continue to be visible to masses of profiles. There is also a custom keyword comment box where users can choose words or phrases that, when included, will be hidden.

Exactly what is characterised as an ‘offensive comment’ has not yet been clarified by Instagram. Instagram have stated that the service will improve over time as their algorithms become more advanced.

Words: Amy Baker

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