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Google Pay combines existing payment apps into user-friendly super-app

Posted: October 30th 2018

With more and more of us using our phones to pay, it makes sense that the world's biggest search engine wants to keep up with the times, and it's about to do so with its relaunched Google Pay app.. Apple Pay is the iPhone's contactless payment app, and was the first one available. Samsung were keen to create a similar app for their brand of phones, so Samsung Pay was released just under a year later. Google jumped on the bandwagon a month later with Android Pay, but there's about to be some changes.

Android Pay was created to allow users to pay for items in stores using contactless readers. Google however also released Google Wallet, an app service allowing users to transfer money between themselves. These services ran alongside one another and created a complete package for most peoples payment needs. However, Google decided that having two apps dedicated to payments and banking was somewhat redundant. They decided to combine Android Pay and Google Wallet into one app, called Google

What's new?

Google Pay has allowed Google to move away from the Android name and really re-brand their payment app. A fresh lick of digital paint will leave users with a clean, white, modern looking app packed full of all the features they are used to, and more. The fast checkout and contactless payment features are obviously still part of the app, as they were a key part of Android Pay's success. Google Wallet's money transfer features are still present. There will also be easy access to rewards and offers through the app. All of these features will include increased security too, giving you extra peace of mind.

Google are also currently working on bringing Google Pay to all their products. Whether you are using Chrome, a Google Assistant or something else, you will be able to checkout quicker and easier. The app will have a Cards tab, that easily organises your cards. Not only will it store bank card details, you can also use it for loyalty programs and gift cards! You can also use it to pay for public transport, but this will only be in larger cities such as London, Kiev and Portland.

When will Google Pay be available?

Google announced this change on the 20th of February, and say that Google Pay began rolling out to users from then. Not all of the features will be in immediately though. UK and US users getting the money transferring capabilities over the next few months. In the meantime, users can still use Google Wallet for this. However, it has been renamed to Google Pay Send, and will have a fresh look to match Google Pay. Keep an eye on your app store for more details of its release!

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