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From micro to macro influencers, with loyal audiences, they can provide your brand with the attention and exposure you need in order to grow. Influencers can promote an endorsement to tens of thousands of people specifically targeted to your audience.

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We use our specialist tools and software to help us identify and contact the perfect influencers for your industry. We only target influencers with engaged audiences, so there’s no need to worry about fake fans or bots!

With over approximately 30 million influencers worldwide spread across a range of social media platforms, there is an influencer for every target audience. With our experience and data tools, we can implement an influencer strategy tailored to your brand, objectives, and target audience to provide long-term results.

From Instagram to TikTok we can get your brand recognised on a variety of platforms with an aim to increase ROI.

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influencer outreach & relations

Influencer outreach is a powerful strategy for raising brand awareness and allowing others to find your brand through social media. The aim of influencer outreach is to raise exposure of your product or service by promoting your brand through a social media campaign to their larger platform. We would work closely alongside influencers to run a campaign targeted to your specific audience and in return increase brand exposure.

media relations

Media relations, when used effectively, can gain exposure and build a reputation from a third party source. This can include any personal achievements, exciting updates or features with your expertise. We aim to gain you strong media coverage specific to your niche, and earn you credible links back to your website to further increase organic growth and brand authority.

Media relations offers credibility and can build trust with customers. Using our connections we can target the right journalist and media outlets to gain you the best coverage and get your story out.

All of these powerful marketing techniques can increase brand awareness, increase traffic rates and sales. We pride ourselves on delivering successful media campaigns that will with your brand authority across the search engines.

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