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At Surge, we design responsive websites with your businesses' needs as a priority. Promote your business and services with simple but eye-catching web design.

Every business is different so we make your brochure site bespoke to you, working together to merge our ideas.

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custom & Marketing Friendly

Everything we build starts with a blank canvas and is built from the ground up.

From custom booking calendars to quote calculators, we can build what you need to make your website part of your sales team.

Our sites are all designed with UX and marketing best practices in mind. 

  • Mobile friendly and responsive design,

  • Ready for PPC & SEO with best practices in place,

  • Simple and easy to navigate.

content management system


All of our websites come equipped with an easy to use content management system, or CMS. This will allow you to take full control of your content, so that your website can keep up with your business as it grows and changes. You'll be able to edit pages, images, blog posts, products and more.

If you get a bit stuck and need some support, then just get in touch with our experts.

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Once your website is fully built and has gone through the testing phase, we give you a training session along with written documents to support you. We understand how important it is for you to be able to manage your new website yourself and make updates to it as you please. After all, a website is never fully finished and is always a continuous project that grows over time.

We are always here to support you even once your website is built and when you have the ability to edit and add to your website, you can make sure it expands as your business grows. Here at Surge Marketing Solutions, we want you to be confident in managing your website and the content within it.

want a website that will blow your customers away?

Drop us a line - we would love to hear from you.

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