Rated Conversions

The guys at Rated Conversions are experts in converting vehicles into motorhomes. They will work on everything from complete conversions of vans and buses, right through to revamping motorhomes.


Their existing website was built using a template and had various issues that needed to be addressed. As they had just invested in that site, they wanted to see if it could be fixed and decided they would invest in a new site further down the line if needed. The existing website generated very little in terms of new enquiries - most of their work came from word of mouth.

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400% increase in traffic

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215 tracked enquiries

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Booked 8 months in advance

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Improved page speed


We improved various areas of the website, making the experience better for the user. The main issue was how their vehicles were displayed, so we redesigned the relevant pages to make it easier for the user to look through their work. Aside from this, we fixed various bugs on the website to improve speed and ease of use.

After reviewing the client’s requirements, we decided to drive traffic to the website through Google Ads. This was the quickest way to increase traffic and new enquiries which is important when introducing clients to digital marketing.

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  • 400% increase in traffic

  • 215 tracked enquiries

  • Booked 8 months in advance and expanding the business

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