Karting North East

Karting North East offers a high octane experience combining everything from 1,000cc go karts to buggies, and paint-balling to archery. They are the go-to location in the North east for an action packed day.


The team at Karting North East wanted to create a live booking system on their website to integrate with their management software using a SOAP API and had been told it couldn’t be done. Another agency had attempted the project and fell at the final hurdle when it came to integrating the API with their track management software.

The client was spending a lot of time dealing with calls and messages to confirm bookings, which made making reservations difficult. Users might make an inquiry outside of office hours and then have to wait until the following day to see if they had availability. At this time, the track may have been booked or even worse, the user may have been impatient and made a reservation with another provider. After all, we are all very used to quick bookings in this day and age.

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API integration

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Reduced phone calls and admin


We created an eCommerce website that offers a live view of event availability through integrating with the track management’s API. The website also allows customers to book and purchase event spots instantly, at any time of day. We made it possible for Karting North East to configure availability across all of their tracks and event types from the WordPress dashboard.

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We achieved a much smoother process for the client! The live booking system operates 24 hours a day and gives the user the ability to make their reservation instantly. Karting North East has seen a dramatic decrease in phone calls, reducing admin time and increasing staff productivity. This is a true example of a website improving internal processes and increasing revenue.

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