Halt Hire

Halt Hire was founded in 2016, to provide top-quality heating, access, lighting and tools for hire across the UK. Their goal is to offer great customer service, knowledge and expertise, along with safe and reliable products.


Halt Hire came to Surge through a recommendation from a previous happy client. They had originally built their business through word of mouth and an excellent reputation in the North East. The team at Halt Hire soon realised that they needed an online presence to reach potential clients and customers further afield.

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Over £5000 in revenue generated in the first 5 months

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Google Ads is the top performing channel consistently


We worked with the team at Halt Hire to find out what they really wanted from their online presence and marketing efforts. Our expert team of designers created a website design that really reflected Halt Hires' brand and offering.

Halt Hire really wanted to branch out of the local area where their reputation was sound. We put together a strategy of SEO and Google Ads to push their products for hire. Within the first three months, all of Halt Hires portable toilets were out for hire. To keep up with demand, the team decided to invest in more units to fulfil orders and prepare for future growth.

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