Cygnet Law

Cygnet Law is a law firm established over 20 years ago, specialising in family law. They are based in Redcar but cover the whole of the North East. The firm boasts a dynamic and progressive team of solicitors and barristers who are approachable, knowledgeable and are keen to assist with any legal problem a family may encounter.

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The Directors of Cygnet Law wanted to revamp their online presence as they felt the existing website had become a little tired and outdated. The majority of their business came from recommendations. Cygnet’s previous marketing activity had revolved around PR which was great at spreading the word about their work in the community but did very little in terms of generating new enquiries.

Ultimately, the team at Cygnet wanted to work with an agency that could offer a complete transformation of its online presence. They not only needed a website that would better represent who they are as an organisation but one that would generate enquiries so they could achieve their growth plans.


As with all our projects, we started with a discovery meeting to find out everything we needed to know about Cygnet Law - how they operate, their goals and where they are now against where they want to be in the future. This stage is incredibly important to ensure that our vision is aligned with the clients.

After the meeting, we reviewed Cygnet’s website and analytics to see how people were using their website, which enabled us to understand why the existing website was not generating more enquiries. A major factor we found was their existing website wasn’t receiving enough traffic from either search engines or social media platforms.

Whilst our web team were creating their perfect website and our content specialists were creating their new content (including website content and photography), our marketing team got to work. We launched a full marketing strategy to drive traffic to the existing website which included Search Engine OptimisationGoogle Ads, and Social Media Strategy.

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