Chocolate Chip Photography

Chocolate Chip Photography is a leading wedding photography company based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne made up of husband-and-wife team, Chris and Shazia. We worked with Chocolate Chip to completely rebrand their business, design and build a bespoke website and then help them reach the right audience through social media marketing.


Wedding photography is such a competitive industry, and Chocolate Chip wanted to make themselves stand apart from their competitors. Once people see their work, they fall in love with their photography style - we just needed more people to recognise their brand and engage with their website.

Photography websites seem to be very similar and, in a lot of cases, they have been built by the photographers themselves. Chris and Shazia understood that if they wanted a brand and website that stood out from the crowd, they would need to engage with a company that specialises in these services.

Outline of a megaphone

Increased social media engagement through ads

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Attracted their ideal clients

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Booked 8 months in advance

Outline of a house with a heart in the centre

They’ve bought their dream home


We started by refreshing their branding and created a new logo. We would not usually recommend creating a logo that includes the clients’ faces, but since Chris and Shazia have such a recognisable look, it felt right to do it on this occasion. Their new logo now works across all platforms, whether that be etched into wood or glass, stamped onto their leather wedding books or used as a watermark on their images.

When it came to the website, we wanted to deliver something special and we are pleased to say we achieved it. Our goal was to position their images in a more unusual way than a typical photography site. Often, photography websites utilise galleries to display images, but we instead chose to take inspiration from magazines. Typically, people won’t scroll through the entire gallery when there are so many to go through. By laying out the images in different sizes on the page, we encourage the user to view the entire page, ensuring they see all the photographers’ work.

Once the site was launched, we planned and executed a social media strategy to target recently engaged couples in the North East who would be interested in a quirky style, as well as likely to have the budgets to book Chocolate Chip Photography.

Chocolate Chip Photography logo on blue paper


Chocolate Chip has now been a client for over three years and has seen positive results year on year. We received some of the best feedback we have ever had from a client from Chocolate Chip. As a result of the work we carry out for them, they have gone on to buy their dream home and dream cars! Hearing feedback like this really makes everything we do worthwhile.

• Increased social media engagement through ads

• Attracted their ideal clients

• They are fully booked 12 months in advance

• They’ve bought their dream home

If you would like to discuss a project with us, please get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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Chris Greenwood