about surge

We believe that you deserve the right digital solution. Since launching back in 2014, we've adapted and grown, offering personal and innovative design, development and digital marketing services to clients in all sectors. Finding solutions that really work is what we do best and what we love most!

The Surge culture is what makes us great. As a team, we're great friends and our creative minds work together seamlessly. Think of each team member as cogs in a huge digital machine, designed to generate the best result for our clients.

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think outside the box

Our main job is to make sure our clients stand out from the crowd. We take a collaborative approach to each project or campaign we work on, coming together as a team to create ideas that are genuinely powerful and unique. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. In our case, it would be 16 heads!

We're fans of the weird and wonderful. Experimenting is fun and we always like a challenge. If you have any visions for your website or marketing, we would love to hear them. Our websites are all custom-built, meaning we don't use templates and instead have a completely blank canvas to work with. When it comes to your website or marketing campaign, the world is your oyster!

core values

We have many core values that we always stand by. It's vital to us that every client who comes on-board with Surge receives the highest level of service. We always offer honest advice, creative guidance and support in all things digital. All this is integral for us to deliver the amazing results we strive to!

Our main goal is to create solutions that really drive results, no matter how they're structured. We can jump in and help you no matter where you're at in your journey. Some may need full website and marketing support, but some clients pick and choose the services they want. We are very flexible and open-minded when it comes to putting together an effective solution.

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our team

Our team are what makes Surge tick. Experts in their fields, each member brings something vital to our offering. From SEO specialists and Google Ads experts to creative designers, developers and our all-important sales team, we really are the full package!

Our environment


When we were designing our office space, we made sure to inject plenty of personality. We wanted it to fully reflect our ethos, and if we say so ourselves, we've done a pretty good job! The office has various working areas and meeting rooms and comes complete with a fish tank, pool table, bean bag area and beer fridge. You know, all the essentials!

Like the look of the office? Check out our careers page and see if there's a space here for you!

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Our team is what makes us great. Every agency says it, but we really are all great friends and love working together in the office. Every day is a laugh, but we get the job done.

We have FIFA tournaments, Jurassic Park Lego lunchtimes, along with payday pizzas and get together for nights out when we can.

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